Red Rose School Cardiff is a special school for girls with moderate to severe learning needs. Registered school number 681-6095

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National Geographic for Kids

If you love animals you will love this site. Impress your friends and find out about your favourite animal; what they eat, where they live and the sounds they make. With loads of cool videos and games youíll never be bored again!

Musical Mysteries

We all love to sing, dance and listen to music; but ever wondered about how music is made? Well explore this site to find out and solve some musical mysteries along the way! Packed with loads of fun information and wicked games for you to play as well.

Horrible Histories

History can be really messy. Check out this site to watch the BBCís Horrible History series and learn about everything from witches to princesses; but be careful it can really horrible back there.


Want to know whatís going on in the world today then tune in to this wicked web site. Surf this site before tea time and surprise your parents and friends with what you know.

Being Safe on The Road

If your keen to avoid a fright, find out how to get it right. Want to be safe on the road? then STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Use this site to play gory games where if you get it wrong some gets hurt.....just make sure itís NOT you!

An adventure with Nash, Flick and Sprat

Go on an adventure with Nash, Flick and Sprat and see just how much you can learn. These guys are experts in teaching Maths, English and Science using the coolest games youíve ever played.

Making stuff for fun

Are you good at making stuff? Choose something to build using materials around your home. Donít forget to ask your parents first and cover that table!

Hello Earth

Just like you our planet, Earth, is truly amazing. Ever wondered how big our planet was? How deep the sea is? Or How our planet stays warm? Then do yourself a favour and spend some time on this site exploring planet Earth.

Space the Final Frontier

Ever looked at the stars? Wow they are really bright...go on make a wish upon a star. If you want to know more about stuff thatís out of this world then check this out.

How Stuff Works

Ever wanted to know how almost anything works from a thunder cloud to a car engine. This website has it all and with amazing videos too!