Red Rose School Cardiff is a special school for girls with moderate to severe learning needs. Registered school number 681-6095

parents as partners in education parents as partners in education

At Red Rose School we know that children derive much more benefit and far more enjoyment from school if their learning is a shared experience where they, their parents or carers and their teachers work together as partners. In summary Red Rose School wants each parent or carer to:

  • be involved with their child’s education and learning
  • feel welcome to be an active participant in the life of the school
  • express their views on the education provided at the school.

Parents make a difference

Parents, carers and families are by far the most important influences on children’s lives. Parents who take on a supportive role in their children’s learning make a difference in improving achievement and behavior. Their support can play a vital role whilst being educated at Red Rose School.

For example, where parents are actively involved in reading with their children at home, their children’s reading scores improve, on average, by between 12 and 18 months.

Parents in partnership with Red Rose School

The active involvement of parents in the life of Red Rose School helps us to promote a learning community in which the children can engage positively with their teachers and peers.

Red Rose School develops positive partnerships with parents by involving them in all decisions affecting their children’s education and learning.

Where there is a relationship of mutual trust and respect there can be effective communication that supports both parents and teachers. The better the information that the school provides to parents, the more they can support their children’s learning and the school.

Information that parents share with teachers can assist them in adapting their teaching to suit the learning styles of pupils and take account of any particular issues that there may be.

Parents and the curriculum

The curriculum at Red Rose School should be considered organic. This means that it is continually evolving. At Red Rose School we believe that it is the parent or carer of a student who knows their child the most. As a result we actively seek the input of parents in the design, content and delivery methods used in our curriculum.

Home School Agreement

Each child is given a home/school agreement on entry. All parents are asked to read and share the information with their children then sign it and return to school. Click here to view a copy of the Home School Agreement.