Red Rose School Cardiff is a special school for girls with moderate to severe learning needs. Registered school number 681-6095

statutory information statutory information

As a parent, carer or other interested party in Red Rose School you are statutorily entitled to receive information about our school. Some information has to be provided to all parents whilst other information has to be available to parents, carers and interested parties by request. The document accessed using the download link below is provided to all parents and carers (inc prospective parents) and contains our contact details, mission statement, school ethos, aims, admissions policy, exclusion policy, discipline and behaviour management policy and our SEN policy.

Information also available by request is:

  • The particulars of the curriculum offered
  • The particulars of academic performance during the preceding year, including examination results
  • The schools policies on bullying, child protection, health and safety
  • The schools policies on the promotion of good behaviour and sanctions adopted in the event of misbehaviour
  • Details of the schools complaints procedure and how many formal complaints have been made during the previous year
  • The number of staff (including temporary staff) and a summary of their qualifications.

Once requested the school will compile the relevant information required and provide it to the interested party. Red Rose School aims to compile all requests for information within 20 days; although in the majority of cases information can be provided much sooner. Information will be supplied as either a paper based or electronic document.

Click here to view Information for Interested Parties.