Red Rose School Cardiff is a special school for girls with moderate to severe learning needs. Registered school number 681-6095

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What and how we teach curriculum

At Red Rose School we devote substantial time over the course of each week to teaching the traditional subjects with a particular emphasis on the ‘Three R’s’; Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. Other subjects including science, geography, physical education, are also taught independently; but with their relationships to each other and to the core unit of study always on the surface. However, throughout our teaching of these traditional subjects our broader reference is ALWAYS to the real world. How can geography help you to read a map and find your way to a new place?

We also teach children at Red Rose School ‘non-traditional’ subjects. These subjects include managing and using money, crossing the road and telling the time. It is apparent to Red Rose School that the value in having the ability to read and write is seriously diminished if as an adult you can’t cross the road safely, know how and where to buy the food you are to eat; and know what time you have to be at a particular place and how long you have left to get there. So we have devised teachings that are wholly focused on real world learning that will enable children to function as an effective member of our community during their adult life.

Throughout their school days children not only learn about the subjects they are taught; but indirectly they also learn about understanding and relating to other people and taking part in everyday family and social life. However, whilst most people appear to know, intuitively, how to communicate and interact with each other many of our children benefit from an environment in which they are continuously taught about life’s hidden curriculum. Children will learn about life’s hidden curriculum through specific lessons, the way in which students are treated and expected to behave and from the positive role model that is their teacher.

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